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Autoflowering Seeds Guide

What are Autoflowering seeds?


Over the last couple of years autoflowering seeds have rapidly grown in popularity. But what are autoflowering seeds? Put simply autoflowering strains will flower regardless of the light cycle they receive. Regular cannabis strains or “photoperiod” strains require a change in the amount of light and dark to induce the plant to flower.
Autoflowering seeds will automatically pass to the flowering stage without the need to change the light thanks to its ruderalis genetics. This basic premise of autoflowering seeds brings many benefits.


What are the benefits of autoflowering seeds?


1. There is no need to change light cycle, removing the need for separate vegetative and flowering rooms.


2. Autoflowering seeds are very easy to grow, by removing the light cycle issue, autoflowering strains are perfect for beginners or experts alike.


3. Autoflowering strains will be ready from seed to harvest much quicker than standard strains. In as little as 55 days the harvest can be ready. Autoflowering seeds will vegetate for around 3 weeks and then automatically flower for around 5-7 weeks.


4. Outdoors the plant doesn’t need to wait for the days to become shorter to flower. So multiple harvests are possible in one outdoor season.


5. Their lower stature (dwarf height) makes them very easy to conceal. Ideal for balconies, terraces, “guerrilla” grows or anywhere space is limited.


Traditional autoflowering varieties such as Lowryder and White Dwarf, or the first generation, often lack punch in terms of flavour, strength or most importantly yield. The small stature and fast growing time was seen as key, which led to other characteristics being sidelined in the breeding process.


Auto Seeds breeders have experimented with many types of ruderalis varieties, multiple award winning and classic strains to create a range of next generation and “super” autos. These have increased yield (in some cases comparable to photoperiod strains), excellent aroma and flavour, plus they now have drastically improved strength to match.


Whilst developing Auto Seeds we worked with many types of ruderalis, including original Siberian and Mexican genetics as well as established hybrids such as Lowryder. We only selected the best samples and crosses we made, to include in our range. For example, in our Hijack Automatic, we wanted to create an autoflowering variety with the delicious taste and soaring cerebral high of the Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds) line, but the hard hitting and long lasting power of the multi award winning AK-47 (Serious Seeds) . The result was a cross that was the perfect blend, plus it delivered an unexpectedly large yield. This typifies the extraordinary level our breeders went to in creating our exciting range of autoflowering seeds.


Based In Spain, Auto Seeds breeders work with a number of collectives and experienced breeders from Europe and North America to create, test and perfect our autoflowering range. We are always on the lookout for exciting new strains to develop and test. If you have any suggestions, comments or improvements for our breeders please email us or send us some ideas.