Paying for your order is very simple and we have a wide selection of payment options you can choose.

1) Credit/Debit card – We accept all major credit cards (sorry we cant take discover or Amex cards at present), simply choose the card payment option when you check out.

2) Bitcoin – The most discreet and secure payment system available we accept Bitcoin through our encrypted payment gateway. Just scan the QR code or enter the bitcoin payment address that is displayed into your Bitcoin wallet and your done.

3) Direct Bank transfer – You can wire funds directly to our payment partner from your bank account. When you check out selecting this option you will be taken to the details screen which contains all the bank info you need. Missed the screen, simply drop our customer service team a quick message and they will send it straight out you.

4) CASH – Want to keep it old school, or simply stay under the radar? You can send payment and your order in an envelope to us and we will do the rest. We would recommend sending any payments with tracking simply labelled as “documents” so you can be sure that we have received it.

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