Chemdawg Autoflower Seeds


A strain of supreme pedigree, Auto Chemdog is undoubtedly one of the most powerful strains in our collection.

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Type Indica
Height 60cm-95cm
THC 20%
Harvest 60-65 Days
Stone Buzz


Chemdawg Autoflower Strain Info

A ruderalis cross of the original Chemdawg (or Chemdog) and our Auto #1, Chemdawg Auto is ever so slightly indica dominant with 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genetics. Known for its perfectly balanced and relaxing high which makes it a great strain for an evening smoke.

Chemdawg Auto Effects

With a THC level of around 20%, Chemdawg is not the most potent strain, but has a perfectly balanced high. Starting off with a fast hitting head  high, that mellows into a long lasting body buzz with deep relaxation which is why many smokers use Chemdawg as a sleep aid. Auto Chemdog has an unrivalled narcotic quality making even most experienced tokers stand up and take note.

How To Grow Chemdawg Autoflower

The result of crossing Auto #1 with an original Chemdog clone, Auto Chemdog is an easy to grow highly potent strain with a knock out stone. The perfect balance between sativa and indica genetics and ready in only 60-65 days from seed, it is one of our quickest finishing strains. This is thanks to the addition of Auto #1 which helps keep the plant relatively short making it ideal for closet grows or where space is limited. The plant develops a large single cola with elongated side branches that produce numerous bud sites.  Yields of around 30-50g per plant (280-350 g/m2) indoors make this a medium to high producer. Outdoors yields can increase significantly and harvest comes anytime from May to early October. Potency is in high supply with Auto Chemdog and its ease of growth makes this an excellent strain for both beginners and experienced growers.

Chemdawg Strain Taste And Smell

Auto Chemdog’s real appeal comes from its extreme strength and distinctive flavour. Providing a complex spicy tang with a citrus skunk background, it’s one of our most exclusive strains.

Buy Chemdawg Autoflower Seeds

An Indica dominant hardy autoflower that is easy to grow, Chemdog is the perfect strain for beginners. You can easily fit this plant into any grow tent or closet and she will produce solid yields and strong THC levels with only a little effort. One of the fastest finishing strains in our inventory, grow Chemdawg Autoflower seeds today and you will have 20% THC bud ready to smoke in as little as 8 weeks.

Strain Details

Yield 280g-350g/m2
THC 19-21%
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Spicy, Citrus, Skunky

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