Diesel Berry Autoflower Seeds


Diesel Berry is a cross of our ever-popular Berry Ryder and the multi-award-winning classic NYC Diesel. The result is a potent and fruity strain harnessing the best characteristics of both varieties.

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Type Indica
Height 70m-120cm
THC 15-18%
Harvest 65-75 days
Stone All Round Buzz


Diesel Berry Autoflower Strain Info

The combination of Berry Ryder’s exotic, fruity taste and the heavy diesel fuel tang from the NYC Diesel make for the perfect smoking experience. The high is a strong head rush moving to a deep indica body buzz, underlining its wide range of medicinal qualities. Diesel Berry has both indica and sativa properties. It’s quite tall for an auto, indoors 70-90cm if left untrained and outdoors it can reach up to 120cm. The buds will be thick, dense and rock hard, with high levels of THC for an autoflowering strain. The height and dense bud structure mean the overall yield is very good giving up to 350g/m2 indoors. Outdoors, it’s suitable for almost all climates although it will thrive in warmer latitudes with higher levels of sunlight. Diesel Berry is easy to cultivate offering both beginner and experienced growers the opportunity to grow a tasty yet potent, connoisseur strain in around 65-75 days from seed.

What Does Diesel Berry Taste And Smell Like?

Diesel Berry’s taste is a combination of Berry Ryder’s exotic, fruity taste and the heavy diesel, fuel tang from the NYC Diesel. Making for the perfect smoking experience  

Strain Details

Yield 350g/m2+
THC 15-18% THC
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Diesel, Fruity, Citrus

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