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At the moment, yes they are. This means that in normal conditions over 99% of seeds will grow into Female plants.

BUT, here at Auto Seeds HQ we are always working on new ideas and listening to our customers. So watch this space as we are working on some new releases that will help those who are looking to experiment a little or develop their own lines – watch this space.

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We are currently putting the finishing touches to our affiliate and partner program. If you are looking to be part of our team, please send us an email registering your interest and we’ll keep you up to date when it launches.

We ship worldwide, but it is very important that you check your own regulations with regards to ordering cannabis seeds BEFORE you place your order.

We offer a wide variety of shipping options for our customers. Standard shipping will be sent without tracking in a plain package.
Our Stealth shipping option MAY have tracking included but this will depend on your location and the total value of your order.
The guaranteed stealth shipping option will always be sent with a tracking code for your complete piece of mind.


If you place an order with us and you decide that you do not want it after all, please let us know and as long as the order has not been shipped, we will cancel the order immediately. If you have made payment and the order has already been dispatched we can still cancel the order for you and you will be refunded in full when we receive the unopened package back to our returns address.

Unfortunately if you have opened the package we will not be able to accept your returns and we will not be able to issue a refund.

If you are looking for ultimate discretion with your order, you can send payment by cash or by international money order. Money orders can be obtained from and Western Union or Moneygram outlet and work a bit like a cheque.
Full details of how to pay using cash or money order are listed on our payments page.

If you no longer want your order, please contact us immediately using the contact form advising us you want to cancel and return your items. We will then issue you with the full information on where to return this to us.
Please be aware we can only accept returns for items that are still in the original packaging.

We know that speed and discretion is paramount when shipping your seeds and we aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours. The time it takes to receive your seeds depends on where in the world you are, approximate time frames are given below:

  • UK – 1-2 business days
  • EUROPE – 5-8 business days
  • REST OF THE WORLD – 7-21 business days

On rare occasions seeds can sometimes take up to 21 business days to reach you however we anticipate the majority of packages talking between 5-8 business days on average.

shipping time varies from region to region. We ship using normal national postal carriers who can advise on the most accurate delivery times. As a guide these are normal delivery times:

  • UK – 1-3 working days
  • EU – 5-10 workng days
  • REST OF THE WORLD – 7-15 days

In some very rare cases shipping outside the EU can take up to 25 days, but if your package hasn’t arrived after two weeks please get in touch.

Please check the maximum delivery times for your region – here.
If the delivery time has elapsed please contact us, ensuring that you quote for full name and the order reference number.
We will respond within 1 working day with the next steps.

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Put most simply, they are strains of cannabis that will change from their vegetative cycle to their flowering cycle without any assistance or external input. What does that mean? Well, normal types of marijuana plant will start as a seedling and then grow in a “vegetative” period where they basically just get bigger. They grow deeper roots, a thicker stem and grow lots of big leaves to absorb sunlight. When growing in the wild, they will stay in that period over the course of the early summer until the days begin to get shorter. When that happens they start to grow buds (they enter their “flowering cycle”) in an effort to reproduce.
Autoflowering cannabis strains, do not need this change in light to make them flower, they will do it automatically after 3-4 weeks regardless of how much light they are getting.

For a full explanation of what an autoflowering marijuana plant is – click on this great blog article


All of our range of seeds are easy to grow, its what we specialize in!
If you are looking for the most simple and hardy variety, you may want to consider:

Polar Express
Auto #1


All Auto Seeds finish without the need for light cycle changes and they only have a minimal vegetation period. This makes them much quicker than normal marijuana varieties. From our range, the fastest strains are:
Auto Chemdog – 60-65 days from seed
Berry Ryder – 60-65 days from seed
Polar Express – 60-65 days from seed


If your looking for massive yields of juicy buds, you should have a look at:
Auto Pounder
Juicy Lucy
Ultra Lemon Haze


Well that is a tough one as you need to decide what “powerful” means. If it is straight up highest THC, then Gorilla Glue or Sucker Punch are your girls. If however you are looking for the most CBD, then Sweeet CBD is your best bet.
The balance between THC/CBD varies between strains and those that have more Sativa in their genetic lineage will tend to have higher THC and lower CBD, giving a more cerebral and active high. Strains with more indica and higher percentage levels of CBD will give you more of that “couch lock” body stone feeling.


Are shortest strains are:
Polar Express
Auto #1
Sweet CBD Auto

Almost all Auto Seeds strains will respond well to LST (low stress training) so if height is an issue, this could be an excellent option.

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Paying for your order is very simple and we have a wide selection of payment options you can choose.

1) Credit/Debit card – We accept all major credit cards (sorry we cant take discover or Amex cards at present), simply choose the card payment option when you check out.

2) Bitcoin – The most discreet and secure payment system available we accept Bitcoin through our encrypted payment gateway. Just scan the QR code or enter the bitcoin payment address that is displayed into your Bitcoin wallet and your done.

3) Direct Bank transfer – You can wire funds directly to our payment partner from your bank account. When you check out selecting this option you will be taken to the details screen which contains all the bank info you need. Missed the screen, simply drop our customer service team a quick message and they will send it straight out you.

4) CASH – Want to keep it old school, or simply stay under the radar? You can send payment and your order in an envelope to us and we will do the rest. We would recommend sending any payments with tracking simply labelled as “documents” so you can be sure that we have received it.

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Cannabis seeds are quite hardy and will last for at least 2-3 years without any drop off in viability, if they are stored correctly.

The most important thing is to keep them dry. Ideally in a tightly sealed container like a camera film tube or a clip lock Tupperware container.
Secondly they should be kept away from sunlight.
Lastly, they need to be cool, preferably between 4-7 degrees Celsius.

Ideally if you put them in a small sealed container and leave them in the door of your refrigerator that should see you through for 1-2 years without any problems

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Please see our list of authorized retailers – here


Most autoflowering strains have slightly higher levels of CBD than normal photoperiod varieties because of the Ruderalis in their makeup. However we have two strains that are specifically high in CBD:
Sweet CBD Auto – 16% CBD and < 1% THC
Candy Kush – 2% CBD and 18% THC


Our top THC strains are:

Gorilla Glue Auto
Sucker Punch
Ultra Lemon Haze


Our top yielding strains are:

Auto Pounder
Juicy Lucy
Ultra Lemon Haze


Our strains that have sativa dominance in their genetics are:
Diesel Berry
Ultra Lemon Haze

Usually yes, however if you select our super stealth shipping option we may take them out of their normal packs and put them in something smaller and more discreet for your security and convenience.

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