Hijack Autoflower Seeds


Hijack is a high-quality, sativa dominant autoflower. Jack Herer (Sensi), widely considered the pinnacle in Sativa genetics has been crossed with the 8 times cup winning AK-47 (Serious). Then crossed again with our master yielder Auto Pounder, to create this powerful sativa auto.

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Type Sativa
Height 50cm-120cm
THC 19-22%
Harvest 70-80 days
Stone Sativa High


Hijack Autoflower Seeds

Hijack brings together two of the most legendary and most loved strains of all time, Jack Herer and AK-47. It's ready in 70 days from seed to harvest, making it an outstanding option if you’re after a Sativa dominant marijuana plant. Unlike the Jack Herer parent this strain is considered very easy to grow.Hijack can stretch up to a medium height of 120cm. Evenly balanced in structure, the stems produce multiple, dense resin covered bud sites. The stone is an “up” heady high mixed with an all-round body buzz thanks to the AK-47. This autoflower has many medical benefits and can help with fatigue, stress and depression. Helping you find your get up and go. Once we mastered this hybrid, it was given the full autoflowering seeds treatment. With the addition of a Siberian Ruderalis to produce a superb strain, that is our highest yielder after Auto Pounder.

What Does Hijack Taste And Smell Like?

Hijack has a delicious and refreshing citrus-lime flavour with undertones of spice and sandlewood.  

Strain Details

Yield 350g-400g/m2
THC 19-22% THC
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Citrus, Lime, Spice, Wood

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