Free Seeds

We all love free stuff and with AutoSeeds we are giving away free seeds to all our customers!

Every single order will get 1 free seed added to it automatically, you dont need to do anything at all we will do it all for you. But if you spend more than £50 we will also add in an EXTRA TWO FREE SEEDS of a different variety! The free seeds change regularly so you get the opportunity to try a wide variety of our incredible next generation autoflowering gentics.

  • Trans Siberian

    Trans Siberian - The frosty, snow storm covered beauty. This Ice Queen is a cross of the multi award winning White Russian and our Auto #1

  • Ultra Lemon Haze

    Ultra Lemon Haze is the original "Super Auto" - Great citrusy zing, high THC and even higher yields make this a real treat for the senses!