What are 60 day autoflower seeds?

60-day autoflowering seeds are a variety of cannabis that contains ruderalis genetics allowing them to flower much faster in 60 days or less. All 60 day autoflowers transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage without needing to change the light cycle. This means you can keep them on 18/6 or 20/4 for the entire 60 days from seedling to harvest.

How long do 60 day autoflowers take to grow?

As the name suggests, 60-day autoflowers take around 60 days to flower, you would need to add to this an additional 1-3 weeks of vegetative growth which equates to 70 to 80 days from seed to harvest.

Advantages of growing 60 day autoflower seeds?

The main advantage of growing 60 day autoflowering seeds is ability to finish faster. These plants are also generally smaller, making them ideal for indoor or space-limited growing. Autoflowers don’t require a change in light schedule, simplifying the growing process. They are resilient and are therefore a great choice for beginners.

Tips for growing 60 day autoflowers

Since these plants have a short life cycle, avoid repotting to minimize stress. Provide a constant light cycle of 18/8 or 20/4 for the best results. Avoid high stress training techniques such as topping as this can overstress the plants and as they have short lives, you want to avoid stress as much as possible. Instead use low stress techniques such as ScrOG nets and the tie and bend approach to carefully bend the plant during the vegetative stage into a shape that optimizes light absorption. Go easy on the nutrients, remember autoflowers are smaller and so only require about a third the normal amount you might give to a photoperiod.

Who should buy 60 day autoflower seeds?

60-day autoflower seeds are the perfect strain for you if you want a quick turnaround or you want to try and squeeze in multiple harvests within a single growing season. They are nice and compact which means they are great for indoor grow spaces with limited room and can even be grown in closets, balconies and windowsills. These seeds are also a good choice for those living in regions with shorter growing seasons, as they can be harvested before the bad weather sets in.

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