Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds


The legendary Californian medical strain Girl Scout Cookies has just been given the Auto Seeds treatment. We scoured the world for the best GSC mothers and we think we’ve done the original proud.


Type Sativa
Height 65cm-100cm
THC 24%
Harvest 70-75 days
Stone Cerebral & Buzz


Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Strain Info

We made the cross using the incredibly potent and highly stable MiG 29, delivering an auto shockingly high in THC that's ready in 70-75 days. The slightly increased time has enabled us to maximize both the THC and yield, meaning you won't be dissatisfied with a lower harvest common to many inferior autos.  Like the original, it's a Sativa-dominant and a true heavy hitter. Starting off very cerebral and euphoric and then moving into a more relaxed body stone, that won't give you a couch lock.

Girl Scout Cookies is known for its medical applications. Popular in dispensaries for its mood enhancement, treatment of anxiety and stress relief it can also boost appetite and help treat severe pain.

How Strong Is Girl Scout Cookies Auto?

The THC level of this auto will knock your socks off, with some of our test samples measuring an incredible 24%. Girl Scout Cookies Auto produces very dense, bright green buds, glistening with snowy trichomes and wrapped by leaves with a beautiful purple tinge.

How To Grow Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Easy to grow and being relatively compact, it's a breeze to conceal if growing outdoors. Indoors, Girl Scout Cookies Auto responds best with lighting upwards of 600W/m² and a plant ratio greater than 9 plants/m² will maximise yield in that space. It's taken some time but we believe we've produced the best Girl Scout Cookies Auto possible!

Girl Scout Cookies Taste And Smell

As the name suggests, Girl Scout Cookies Auto is super sweet on the inhale, a true candy lover’s dream with flavours of brown sugar, chocolate and nutmeg all present. On the exhale, savoury notes of pepper and lemongrass and an earthy pungency may be detected reminding us of its original OG heritage.

Strain Details

Yield 400g-650g/m2
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Sweet, Chocolate, Nutmeg, Lemongrass

Grow Diaries

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chaz Tootill

Last summer done these outdoor great uniform phenos, easy to grow, big buds on her. Taste is out of this world, sweet like cookies! High was euphoric and happy, one of the best on here, am definitely doing them again

Nice GSC cross

grew this last summer, one of the best girl scout cookies crosses, some of the buds had proper a purple color shame you guys binned MIG-29 though as this was my favorite one of yours

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