Mango Cookies Autoflower Seeds


Mango Cookies Autoflower is an Indica-dominant strain, born from a cross between GSC and Somango Auto. Using two of the most powerful and tasty strains we have created a flavor sensation that packs a powerful hit from first pull to the last exhale.



Type Mostly Indica
Height 80cm-140cm
THC 18-22%+
Harvest June / October
Stone Relaxing, Joyous


What are the effects of Mango Cookies Autoflower?

With its THC levels of 18-22%+, Mango Cookies Autoflower offers a potent and fairly fast-acting high. As a mostly Indica-dominant strain, you can expect a deeply felt body buzz almost immediately. The stone is both relaxing and joyous, likely leaving you feeling happier and more chilled with even a small amount consumed. There is still enough of the uplifting buzz from the GSC mother that means it is not a total couch lock inducing strain, but this is definitely a “kick-back” evening smoke.

Medical Uses?

Mango Cookies Autoflower has a CBD content of less than 1% but has been reported for potentially alleviating various medical conditions. Its euphoric and uplifting effects are particularly beneficial for those dealing with anxiety and stress. It might also offer relief for insomnia as it helps you unwind before trying to sleep. Additionally, some people have reported its effectiveness in easing migraine symptoms.

What is Mango Cookies Auto like to smoke?

Smoking Mango Cookies Autoflower is nothing short of a taste explosion. The rich, fruity mango is evident straight away and a sweet sugary taste from the Girl Scout lineage follows on the aftertaste. This is thanks to its dominant terpenes - Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. These terpenes blend to create a tropical aroma, evoking lush mango groves. The smoke is smooth and gentle on the throat, making the experience as pleasant as its flavor profile.

How do you grow Mango Cookies Autoflower seeds?

Mango Cookies Autoflower seeds grows medium-height for an auto, typically reaching 80cm-140cm. It flourishes in warm, Mediterranean climates, aligning with its 8-9 week flowering time, however with only a little additional care this variety will grow well in almost any climate. Starting off short and squat in the first 3-4 weeks of veg, the side branches develop quickly and the stem thickens up. As the plant enters flowering at week 5 you will see bud sites form on all the branch tips and up the main stem. These continue to thicken up and produce THC-laden trichomes right up to the final weeks before harvesting.

Growing tips for Mango Cookies Autoflower

During its vegetative stage, a good idea is to open up the plant structure with some training to allow the best possible light penetration and to encourage the plants to develop an even canopy. Mango Cookies Auto is a heavy feeder so don’t be shy with those nutrients once you are into your 4th or 5th node. Start at half strength, but you can ramp it up nice and fast by the 3rd week of flowering to really get the most of the yield.

Bag Appeal

In early flowering, Mango Cookies Autoflower begins to show some real flashes of color, as the pistils form across the multiple bud sites. These bright yellow hairs form in clusters around a pale orange buds. Set against the vibrant grass green of the shade leaves, she is a real beauty. By the end of flowering, the buds become dense and chunky, with the pistils having turned a deep brown like unrefined sugar. The buds themselves begin to turn a more pinkish cast, a nod to their cookie heritage.

Why buy Mango Cookies Autoflower seeds?

Mango Cookies Autoflower is the ideal choice for growers seeking a high-yielding, semi-potent strain with THC levels of 18-22%+. It offers a delightful blend of relaxing yet euphoric effects and a tropical mango-sweet flavor profile. This is an easy-to-grow strain and is perfect for both beginners and experienced cultivators looking for a taste that is truly unique.

Strain Details

Yield 350-450gr/m²
THC 18-22%+
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Fruity, Mango, Sweet

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