Moonrocks Autoflower Seeds


Moonrocks Autoflower, an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid strain which is guaranteed to get your rocks off! The perfect strain for taking you into orbit with THC over 25% and a warp speed finishing time of only 8-10 weeks from seed.

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Type 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Height 60 – 100 cm
THC 25%+
Harvest June / End Of September
Stone Deeply relaxing and calming effect


What are the effects of Moonrocks Autoflower?

Moonrocks Autoflower is very powerful, coming straight out of the gate with a fast-acting body stone, a testament to its impressive 25%+ THC content. Because it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid (80/20), you can expect a deeply relaxing and calming effect, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Medical Uses?

With its high THC and low CBD profile, this variety has been reported to be beneficial for aiding some psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Its sedative properties also make it a suitable choice for those struggling with insomnia. Overall, the general feeling of well-being that comes from smoking Moonrocks Autoflower makes it an all round feel good strain.

What is Moonrocks Auto like to smoke?

Smoking Moonrocks Autoflower is a real treat. As you inhale, you first experience the intense floral and berry flavors, think blueberries with a subtle skunky undertone. This taste comes from the dominant terpenes, particularly Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene, which contribute to its distinct blueberry and blackberry aroma. Well cured buds make the smoke remarkably smooth, really enhancing the experience even for those new to cannabis.

How do you grow Moonrocks Autoflower seeds?

Without doubt, this is one of our easiest strains to grow. She will top out at a medium-sized 80cm-120cm when grown under lights and up to 180cm if grown outdoors. This makes them a great choice for limited spaces. It will adapt well to temperate, warm, and arid climates, showing some of the best resilience of any strain for pests and diseases. The flowering time for Moonrocks Autoflower is between 8 to 10 weeks from preflower, with the potential to yield around 400-450gr/m².

Growing tips for Moonrocks Autoflower

Moonrocks Autoflower likes to stay quite low and bushy. This means that ensuring the light it receives is as well distributed as possible is key. If you are growing indoors, multiple light sources and reflective surfaces are ideal. Outdoors, make sure no taller plants cast shade during the daytime. If you are able, use LST techniques like tie and bend or simple defoliation to help spread the nodes allowing more light penetration.

Bag Appeal

From around week 2 of flowering you will see Moonrocks Autoflower start to develop bright yellow pistils that sprout all over the bud sites. By the 4th week of flowering, the buds begin to take on a more pinky orange hue, coupled with a glistening sheen of THC crystals. Come harvest time the buds will be fat and dense, almost spherical, and they should have a generous covering of milky white trichomes. The final color of the buds is a vibrant mix of green, gold and lavender, which when coupled with the delicious fruity aroma, makes this strain one of the best in our catalogue.

Why buy Moonrocks Autoflower?

Moonrocks Autoflower is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a really high THC strain, that is easy to grow and tastes great. The yield is good too, especially for an auto that finishes that fast. Its unique combination of uplifting and relaxing effects, coupled with a delightful floral and berry flavor, ensures a top-tier smoking experience. This strain is perfect for both novice and experienced growers who crave quality and quantity from their crops.

Strain Details

Yield 400-450gr/m²
THC 25%+
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Floral, Blueberry, Berry

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