White Widow Autoflower Seeds


White Widow Autoflower is, without a shadow of a doubt, one the best classic autos currently available to the wider public. Sativa-dominant, easy to grow, huge harvests, and a carbon copy of the OG White Widow that finishes in less than 10 weeks. Grab a few seeds today and see what all the fuss is about.


Type 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Height 80cm-120cm
THC 19%
Harvest June / End Of September
Stone Relaxing, Calming


What are the effects of White Widow Autoflower?

If you haven't had the chance to try White Widow Auto, you are in for a real treat. As close to the original White Widow as any auto version can get, this gorgeous cultivar offers smokers a slightly Indica leaning, but very well-balanced high that is both invigorating and relaxing.

The THC levels (16%-19%) might struggle to compete with the numbers being pushed out from newer age hybrids, but WW auto is anything but a weakling. Coming on strong with an initial body buzz that is unmistakably Indica, you are then quickly boosted by Sativa-esque mental stimulation.

Euphoria and relaxation return within an hour of toking these buds, and even the most seasoned cannahead will have zero to complain about.

Medical uses?

White Widow Auto is one of the more commonly prescribed options, usually reserved for evening use. It has the ability to offer patients relief from a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, inflammatory issues, and heavy anxiety.

What is White Widow Autoflower like to smoke?

Smoking White Widow Autoflower is a delightfully aromatic experience, presenting a woody, spicy, and earthy flavor profile. The presence of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene terpenes not only defines its distinct taste but also contributes to a smooth smoke. The scent is equally enticing, combining earthy tones with a hint of spice that promises a relaxing smoking experience.

How do you grow White Widow Autoflower seeds?

White Widow has long been praised for the ease of its cultivation and the autoflowering version only takes that to the next level. As long as you follow the next few points, you'll be filling those curing jars with succulent White Widow Auto buds in no time:

  • Do not transplant: Autos are not fond of being transplanted, so choose your pot size wisely and keep them in it for the entirety of their life cycle.
  • Provide plenty of light: White Widow Autos love a lot of light, aim for 18-20 hours a day to get the most out of them.
  • Use good quality soil: Make sure your medium is light, airy, and rich in nutrients, but not overly so. This will help your plant develop strong roots and support dense bud growth.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature: While White Widow Autos can handle a bit of cold, they do prefer temperatures between 70-85°F (21-29°C) for optimal growth.
  • LST for success: High-stress training is a big no-no here, but White Widow Auto will explode in size and resin production when low-stress techniques are implemented (we recommend using a ScrOG net).

If you are able to use those few tips, you should have no problem pulling upwards of 150 grams off each and every White Widow Auto you grow.

Can beginners grow White Widow Auto?

Absolutely! In fact, White Widow Auto is near the top of our "easiest grow" list.

Bag appeal

The name might've given it away, but White Widow Auto comes with one of the thickest coats of resin you'll ever see. This translates to a glistening crop that is almost impossible to look away from.

The buds themselves are dense, compact, and oversized - with a smattering of brightest orange pistils contrasting gorgeously against the silvery-white trichomes. From bag appeal to aroma and flavor profile – White Widow Auto checks every box.

What does White Widow Auto taste and smell like?

A true throwback to the early days of big-name strains, White Widow Auto holds true to its roots, offering a spicy and earthy aroma. Vaping or smoking will push out the pepper tones even further, and the herbal kick at the end is just so hard to miss.

Buy White Widow Autoflower seeds

White Widow Autoflower is an exceptional strain for those seeking mid range THC content (16%-19%) and substantial yields (over 150 grams per plant). It really cant be understated just how important the OG White Widow was, or how good this autoflowering version actually is.

A perfect first strain for all the beginners out there, super hardy and very forgiving. But also, just as great for the more established growers who are keen for a throwback, and very easy to set up a perpetual harvest with, we have no doubt that you'll love what White Widow Autoflower brings to the table.

Strain Details

Yield 300gr/m²
THC 16-19%
CBD Less than 1% CBD
Taste Woody, Spicy, Earthy

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