Autoflower life cycle Macro photo of marijuana plant bud with crystals

Autoflower Life Cycle Week By Week 

The reason why autoflowers are growing in popularity amongst home growers is the fact that they have shorter than usual life cycles. Because autoflowers contain…

Detail Cannabis Cola Autoflower Plants

Why your autoflower plants stay small and how to avoid it

Many of us have experienced the feeling that we may have been cheated by a seed company when an order arrives and either the seeds…

Autoflowering plant under LED light

Best Grow Lights For Autoflowers

Grow lights are one of the most important components for indoor operations. Not only do they act as the ‘sun’ for plant energy, but typically cost the most too. Meaning, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one…

SCROG Cannabis Grow Method

How to scrog autoflowering cannabis plants

Not to be confused with another popular growing technique, Sea of Green, Screen of Green is just that. The method uses a ‘screen’ to boost green growth, for optimal results. Using SCROG methods for autoflowering plants has been debated since…

Cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seedling Problems and How to Fix Them

The early stages of life for any life form are absolutely crucial for normal, healthy development down the road and cannabis plants are no exception.  Yes, cannabis is a hearty, robust plant that can withstand a lot of abuse, but…

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