We are THE Autoflowering specialists, always have been and always will be. We believe that PREMIUM autoflowering genetics should be available for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. FAST growing, superb quality and most of all EASY. Medical growers and recreational growers alike, when you grow Auto Seeds genetics you know that what you’ll get is reliable and effective – every time.

At Auto Seeds we believe that to really be the best at something you need to focus on just that one thing and dedicate yourself to it. That’s why well sell only autoflower seeds. We don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades; we are experts at producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains and that’s it.

The Auto Seeds Heavy Hitters



The mighty beast is now available in the most premium autoflowering package. Gorilla Glue Auto is super potent and covered in trichomes, known for sticking everything to anything!

The Auto Seed Heavy Hitters


Sweet CBD Auto

15% CBD and <1% THC – our highest strength CBD medical strain is here. With less that 1% THC, this strain is completely non-psychoactive and is the perfect medical option.

The Auto Seeds Heavy Hitters



The sweetest temptation, fresh from the West Coast. The legendary Girl Scout Cookies, in perfect autoflowering form.


Autoflowers are a compact, fast flowering cannabis variety that grows to around 100cm tall and can be ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. They flower based on age as opposed to light which means there is no need to mess around with different lighting schedules when you grow them. Autoflowers are all ordinary strains that have been crossed with cannabis Ruderalis, this makes them naturally robust and able to handle cooler climates more comfortably compared to photoperiod strains.


Autoflower seeds are like the Swiss army knives of cannabis plants; compact, reliable and come with a whole stack of added benefits. So, why might you want to buy autoflower cannabis seeds for your next grow?

Quicker Results: Autoflower cannabis seeds grow from seed to harvest in just 8-12 weeks shaving months off of your grow cycle and allowing you to achieve multiple harvests in a single season.

One Light Schedule: Forget about changing light cycles. When you grow autoflowering plants you can keep your grow lights on the same 18/6 or 20/4 light cycle from start to finish, making indoor grows infinitely easier.

Compact Yields: Autoflower strains are smaller and more compact than ordinary cannabis varieties. They won’t grow much taller than 1 meter which makes them easy to grow indoors and perfect for beginners or anyone with limited space.

Resilient Plants: Thanks to their ruderalis genetics, autoflowering cannabis plants are a hardier and more robust cannabis species making them more resistant to harsh weather conditions, pests, and disease.

Cost: Cannabis cultivation isn’t cheap, but because autoflowering strains are smaller, they require less space, smaller pots, less energy and less nutrients. If you want to grow weed on a budget, autoflowering cannabis seeds are the perfect way to start.

Guaranteed Female Plants: All of our strains are feminized autoflower seeds. This means that you are guaranteed to grow female bud producing cannabis plants every time and you don’t need to worry about male plants.


Auto Seeds are the original autoflower marijuana seed bank. We have been breeding cannabis seeds since 2008 and have developed a catalogue of some of the best autoflowering seeds you will find. From our original strain, Auto #1 to the more recent super autoflowers, Gorilla Glue and Auto Pounder we have got a strain that will fit every grow tent. Grow Auto Seeds – The Autoflowering Specialists.


As master breeders we have got over 15 years experience producing autoflower weed seeds and with that comes our incredibly stable and reliable genetics. We also ship to the United States within 2-5 days, and we are so confident in the quality of our strains that every order is backed up by our bulletproof delivery and germination guarantee. That’s why we think our store is the best place to find autoflower seeds for sale in the USA.


Some of the most legendary cannabis strains were born in the heart of the US. Which is why we’ve worked hard to breed our very own West Coast autoflower genetics, including popular classics like Gorilla Glue, Pink Runtz and Girl Scout Cookies. Grow American genetics. Grow Auto Seeds.

Autoflowering Seed FAQ’s

Are autoflowering cannabis seeds feminized?

Yes, all of our autoflowers are feminized which means they will produce 100% female autoflower plants.

How long does autoflower cannabis take to grow?

The life cycle of an autoflower is shorter than a photoperiod taking just 8 to 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Sativa-dominant autoflowers tend to take around 12 weeks whereas Indica-dominant autos take to 8-10 weeks to fully grow.

How much can an autoflowering strain yield?

An average sized autoflower yield is between 1-3.5 ounces per plant (30-100 grams). However, the yield of a plant varies widely depending on genetics, growing conditions and environment. In the right conditions and given some LST training some of our super autoflowers such as Auto Pounder can produce up to 5 ounces (150 grams) per plant.

Are autoflowers less potent?

Historically autoflowers have always been thought of as the less potent strains. However, now autoflowers can produce THC levels over 25% and rival the potency of many photoperiod varieties.

What is the best light cycle for autoflowers?

The best light cycles for growing autoflower seeds are 18/6 or 20/4. This allows them to absorb plenty of light while still providing some darkness to rest.

What triggers autoflowers to flower?

Autoflower cannabis plants flower based on age. At 3 to 4 weeks from seed they will begin to flower automatically irrespective of their light schedule.

How do you know when an autoflower is ready to harvest?

During the final few weeks of the flowering stage, you should start to monitor the trichomes of your plant using a magnifying glass to help you identify the signs of maturity. The pistils will begin to darken and curl in and once around 60-70% of the trichomes have turned a cloudy color they are ready to be harvested.

Are autoflowering seeds easier to grow than photoperiods?

Yes. Autoflower plants grow to around 100cm tall making them much easier to grow indoors. They also flower automatically, which takes the hassle out of requiring different lighting schedules. Plus given their tough ruderalis backgrounds, autos are hardy plants that can withstand growing outdoors or indoors in a variety of climates.

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