Top 10 High Yielding Autoflower Strains

Like many things in cannabis, autoflower strains have come a long way. Once looked down upon by many growers, autoflowering varieties are now quite capable of producing high yielding crops. Of course, it helps if you’re growing with proven high yielding strains. So, we’ve compiled our top 10 high yielding autoflower strains for you to use as a guide. 

Auto Pounder 

Auto pounder Marijuana strain

You’ll be pounding out maximum yields with the high yielding indica, Auto Pounder. The strain is a cross of Auto Seeds Auto #1 x Big Bud x Powerplant. An epic trio that produces up to 650 g/m2 after just 70-80 days. Auto Pounder’s stature is quite bigger than most autoflowering strains, hence the weight it can hold. To add to its ease of growth, the genetics are well-known for being disease and pest resistant. The high yielding crop delivers its users an alluring flavor, with a pleasurable and calming body buzz.

Gorilla Glue 

Image of Gorilla Glue Auto marijuana strain

A classic turned auto, Gorilla Glue is not surprisingly a high yielding indica dominant autoflowering strain. The cross of Gorilla Glue x Auto #1 delivers high levels of THC after 70-75 days and grows well indoors, or out. Gorilla Glue produces yields up to 600 g/m2 and benefits from 600 watts per square metre when grown inside. As for effects, the strain is appropriately named as you’ll feel ‘glued’ to the couch with sedating and relaxing benefits.

Juicy Lucy 

Image of Juicy Lucy marijuana strain

Juicy Lucy is the beloved cross of Auto Pounder x the classic, The Cheese. The indica dominant and high yielding autoflowering strain, harvests quickly in just 70-75 days. Make sure you’ve got carbon filters, or odour-control measures in place as this plant will be pungent during flowering. Yields can reach nearly 600 g/m2 in optimal conditions and thrives best indoors. You’ll be equally pleased with the mellowing effects of Juicy Lucy that are ideal for pain relief.

Cosmic Bomb Auto

Image of Cosmic Bomb Auto marijuana strain
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Cosmic Bomb Auto will blow you away with extraordinary high yielding crops. The strain is a cross of LSD x Auto Bomb and comes from African landrace sativa origins. Cosmic Bomb Auto requires ample space to grow, making it ideal for outdoors. Indoors, the plant can benefit from heavy feedings of nutrients, outputting heavy buds for harvest. After 65 days, you’ll be treated to 500 – 600 g/m2 and enjoy an energizing euphoria that the strain provides.

LSD Auto

Image of LSD Auto marijuana strain
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LSD Auto comes from legendary autoflowering lineage for out of this world high yields. The cross of LSD x Super Magnum Auto benefits from indoor environments, where she can produce up to 650 g/m2. LSD Auto’s ease of growth lends well to beginner growers, and a resistance to mold and pests certainly helps. The high yielding indica dominant strain is ready to harvest after just 65-70 days where you’ll be able to relax with fast-acting and dreamy effects.

Glueberry Auto

Image of Glueberry Auto marijuana strain
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A cross of Gorilla Glue #4 x Blueberry delivers the high yielding strain, Glueberry Auto. A well-balanced 50/50 hybrid, Glueberry has a deliciously fragrant scent that comes on strong. The genetics produce high yielding crops indoors averaging 600 – 650 g/m2, but outdoors can reach up to 700 g/m2. She matures in just 8 weeks, blooming widely during flowering which will require ample room. Even more satisfying than the strain’s ease of growth, is Glueberry’s unique blend of calming yet uplifting effects.

Fruit Punch Auto

Image of Fruit Punch Auto marijuana strain
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Fruit Punch Auto is a deliciously fruity cross of Skunk x Haze x Ruderalis. The end-result being a high yielding sativa dominant hybrid that takes 70-80 days to harvest. Worth the wait, is Fruit Punch Auto’s yields of up to 800 g/m2. The strain does benefit from outdoor environments, and is hearty in nature making it ideal for beginners. If you’re growing indoors, take her height into consideration as she grows quite tall for an autoflowering strain. Fruit Punch Auto’s sweet and tasty buds deliver stimulating and creative effects, perfect for socialising

Jack Herer Auto

Image of Jack Herer Auto marijuana plant
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You can’t go wrong with a classic strain with autoflowering traits. Which Jack Herer Auto proves with high yielding crops up to 700 g/m2. The sativa dominant hybrid is ready to harvest in 7 weeks when grown indoors and up to 9 weeks, outdoors. Growers cite Jack Herer Auto as an ideal strain for beginner growers, due to requiring little to no training for maximum yields. The genetics are popular amongst consumers for an overall ‘happy’ and elevating high.

Super Critical Auto 

Image of Super Critical Auto marijuana plant
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When crossing a few legendary strains like Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow, you know the results will be good. Which is how Super Critical Auto came to be. The indica dominant hybrid outputs a whopping 800 g/m2 when grown indoors, which is the environment it prefers. The strain benefits from SoG Training and grows quickly in just 6-7 weeks. The fruits of your labour will enjoy Super Critical Auto’s relaxing body buzz, that is fast-acting too.

Blue Dream’matic

Image of Blue Dream'matic marijuana plant
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Blue Dream’matic is yet another example of classic genetics with an autoflowering cross. The sativa dominant hybrid produces high yielding crops of 450 – 600 g/m2 in just 9-11 weeks. With high levels of THC averaging around 22%, delivering energising yet dreamy effects. Be prepared for trimming as the strain outputs abundant amounts of sugar leaves. Blue Dream’matic is ideal for indoor or outdoor growth, and beginning growers as well.

Important Factors to Consider for Higher Yields

Due to the quick nature of autoflowering growth, it’s important to have a few factors ‘on lock’ before you begin. In addition to choosing one of our top 10 genetics for high yields, other conditions are important to maintain at optimal levels. Including – 

  • Lighting – Even though you don’t have to upkeep a photoperiod light cycle, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about lighting for autoflowers. Many growers use a ‘SOG’ sea-of-green technique to maximize light for higher yields.
  • Nutrients – An imbalance in nutrients or pH levels can significantly impact your autoflowering plant. So be sure to keep a healthy balance of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) while feeding.
  • Growing Method – Due to the quick turnaround of autoflowering strains, it’s important to think about your grow method before beginning. Especially for high yields. Keep in mind the highest quality mediums, produce the highest quality end-result. If you’re able to grow in a hydroponics system, this method of growing generally outputs higher yields versus soil methods for autoflowers specifically. 
  • Avoid stress – Happy plants equal high yielding crops. So, properly monitor your plants to avoid putting them through any unnecessary stress. 

Maximum Yields with Autoflowering Strains 

Now that you know the top 10 high yielding autoflower strains, you’re on your way to maximum yields. By learning each genetic individually, and following our tips and techniques you can produce comparable yields to feminized and regular varieties. With all of the added perks that autoflowering strains have to offer.

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  1. Feminized cannabis seeds help skip the 40% wastage and give a 100% feminized yield. They produce seedless cannabis flowers when prevented from fertilization, and these types of seeds are generally desirable. The problem with these seeds is that they also need growth specific conditions for proper yield. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds. It brings together high-quality marijuana, which is easy to grow, especially for beginners.

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